A garden room, And an extension. Sunrooms are so multi-functional they can be whatever you want them to be. Whether you use yours for dining, working out, entertaining or curling up with a great film, a sunroom home extension lets you enjoy the beauty of being outdoors with the warmth and comfort of being indoors. Get started on your sunroom with a free consultation. Pick from our range of roofing styles and materials. No matter your preferences, your consultant will help you pick the right products for your sunroom.
Picking the right roof for your sunroom makes your extension look great inside and out.

Flat, gabled or flyover, the roof style you choose will change both the look and feel of your home. Find out which style will add the most value to your space.

Need a bigger house? Don’t hit the property market just yet. Consider a cost-effective home extension.

Your family grows. So your home should too! Moving to a bigger house is stressful and costly. Big renovations are time consuming and impractical. However, an extension is quick, simple and by far the cheapest solution.

Faster and more affordable. No need to wait to get the bigger home you need now.

Swift and simple, it doesn’t take long for our builders to finish up your new sunroom. That’s how you’ll save money and the hassle of having tradies coming in-and-out of your home for weeks or months. And you can choose to fit your suroom out with our well trained technicians in no time for a fraction of a cost. So your new addition can truly accommodate the growing needs of your family.