Insulated Roof & Wall

Modern, Slimline Insulated Roofing. Mss home improvement use and recommend the best insulated roofing system, with its modern slim line appearance, suitable for Awnings and patios, sunrooms, pergolas and gazebos, pool enclosures and carports.



  • Modern slimline appearance - a roof and ceiling with insulation three in one!
  • Lightweight but strong over large spans, it is strong enough to walk and run on it!
  • Excellent insulating qualities to choose from the thickness.
  • Wide range of colours to choose from.
  • Made to order concealed conduit groove - for easy fitting of electrical cable
  • Suitable for wide range of traditional and modern designs, enhancing almost any outdoor situation.



  • Minimal maintenance maximum temperature resistance.
  • Fewer posts means more open space for you
  • Minimises exterior noise - rain, hails
  • Energy savings - cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Quick installation - a roof and ceiling in one
  • No paint need it for lifetime, lots of colours to choose from.
  • All roof and walls paint comes with manufacturer warranty.