Gable Roof

  • The gable patio was introduced to the marketplace years ago, after research and development replaced the less practical basic flat roof style patio, which wasn’t as visually appealing nor successful for heat reduction or ventilation.
  • The gable patio, pergola or Awning  has proven to be a very popular roof design. Our standard gable design has a many degree pitch, which increases light,ventilation and space within your outdoor entertaining area. A great benefit in the hot Australian climate is the reduction in heat due to the higher roof. As a design feature, not only does the ceiling height creates ambience, but depending on the layout of your property the gable pitch may allow for extended views or open your backyard in a seamless extension of your home and outdoor living space.
  • Strength is another appealing element of the gable patio. The majority of our gables are covered with a durable Colorbond or insulated roofing material,suitable for its longevity and reflective qualities. There are a range of different profiles and colours to suit your individual tastes. Choose a colour to match your decor and provide a unified interior design throughout your home.
  • The traditional lines of a gable patio are extremely popular due to their design flexibility. This style of Patio, Pergola or Awning  blends well with both brand-new homes and older-style residences requiring a facelift.
  • One lighting option to consider is including a skylight at the time of installation. This allows light into your entertaining area to help save on energy costs.


Our Gable roof designs give you an added feeling of spaciousness that can only be achieved with the light and space of a pitched roof. The Shademaster Gable Style roof also provides increased air flow for your outdoor living area. This style suits many Australian homes and is perfect for outdoor entertaining areas and carports. The Gable Style Roof is available with Shademaster Insulated or Single Skin Roofing and can be free standing or attached to your home or garage.